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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

West Virginia Rivers, August 24-25

Summerville Lake on the
Gauley River
Now in West Virginia, I visited the New River Gorge National River, with Gauley River National Recreation Area to the north and Bluestone National Scenic River to the south.  Truly "almost heaven" ... I loved this place.  The New River, despite its name, is an extremely old river.  One of the oldest in the world.  And it felt old as I let myself be surrounded by its water, woods and wildlife.

The New River

I spent the days driving back roads, learning of both its natural and human history.  It's an area rich in coal, and until the coal just got too deep to mine, this land was stripped of its resources ... lumber, game, soil.  Now, it's recovering amazingly well.

Grist Mill at Babcock State Park

The campgrounds at New River Gorge are primitive and free ... which I love! 

On one of my drives, I stopped at Babcock State Park, adjacent to The New River Gorge NP, to visit their grist mill.

New River Gorge Bridge
longest arch in the US, 1700'
(too wide for my camera to capture)
highest vehicle bridge in Americas, 867'

dense woods, old rock

originally posted 9/20/10

road to campground

stone steps up to overlook

Sandstone Falls, New River

Where coal is found in
the rock layers,
Visitor Center Display

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