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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Remembering New Orleans

I visited the Big Easy a week after Mardi Gras (2012).  Any other town would have felt like it was recuperating ... but, activities in the French Quarter still felt up beat and in the swing.

After doing some research, I decided that I'd dedicate a full day to walking around the French Quarter.  For safety, I spent the money to park in a gated parking lot.  I arrived early in the morning and had my pick of parking spaces.  I parked facing Decatur (the main drag).  That proved to be a good strategy as I could use my car as a place to rest, have lunch and still people watch.

I made sure to visit the two National Parks in the French Quarter --  the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, and the French Quarter Visitor Center of the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve.

To say the least, it was a very full day of exploring and walking; I was especially tired as I drove away at dusk ... but, what memories!  Here are some pics, shared in the order taken ...

It's morning and horse-drawn carriages are
 lined up and ready to be hired by tourists on Decatur St.

Decatur St. with carriages, in front of Jackson Square
 and St. Louis Cathedral

Cafe Du Monde's open-air dinning area where I enjoyed
french donuts (beignets) and their coffee (with chicory)

Inner courtyard at the Jean LaFitte Visitor Center.
Although it's called the "French Quarter" the architecture is mostly Spanish.

Statue of the Father of New Orleans,
Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville,
one of the many sites seen on a
National Park Ranger led history tour
of the riverfront.

The Mississippi River on a chilly day

St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square

Tourists on Decatur Street

Watching some acrobatic street performers (in red shirts)
among the tourists, across from Jackson Square

Leftover Mardi Gras decorations

I really enjoyed the street performers.  Great talent.

One Man Band

Really wonderful group.  Every flavor of jazz here.

Amazing clarinet player.  She could do circular breathing
and hold a single note "forever."

Even the street sweepers couldn't resist the music and got into the act!

Statue of Major General Andrew Jackson
in the Middle of Jackson Square
I next went to the Old United States Mint

The Old US Mint is a national historic landmark
with a museum

This is an unusual kind of photograph from me, but I thought it
truly captured my feelings of being into the music at the time.
I was absorbed in the performance of an old time gospel/jazz group
 as part of the Music at the Mint Program.