Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Monday, February 27, 2017

Galleta Meadows' Metal Scuptures
Borrego Springs, CA

For several days in mid February I enjoyed hanging out with friends in the back country just north of the town of Borrego Springs.  I had heard about this place, the great boondocking, and its metal sculptures.  This year I got to see it first hand!  Here is a movie/slide show of the photos I took of some of the metal sculptures at Galleta Meadows on the 16th.  Most were large, some were humongous, and a few were of human proportion.

Here is a photo of 12 metal scuptures of big horn sheep -- rams, ewes, and lambs.  Click on the picture to enlarge, then see if you can find all 12 sheep!
Big Horn sheep at Galetta Meadows,  2/16/17

Camping with friends in Borrego Springs ... good views, great company.

What a good life!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR)
January 11 - 22, 2017

Pre-RTR Sunset.  Already, many attendees have arrived.  It was the largest number of
participants since the first RTR in the Winter of 2011 (Quartzsite, AZ)  1/10/17
Note: Click on photos to enlarge.

Most every morning for the 10-Day RTR event, Bob Wells (the organizer)
would teach a seminar.  Before each 10 AM seminar, folks would offer
services, items for sale, request help, and make announcements.  1/11/2017  

Afternoon seminars were offered on a variety of topics.  Here is a saguaro cactus and a rainbow
showing off after the Living Out of a Small Car Seminar.  1/14/17  

On nice evenings, groups, large and small would gather around the campfires
dotting the desert.  Here is the group I hung out with.  1/15/17  
We had some good conversations ... but sometimes we would just quietly stare into the fire.  1/15/17  

Good memories.  1/15/17

The last colors of sunset.  1/18/17  

Looking east the the sunrise.  Looking west at the same time below ... 1/20/17  

Looking west at a rainbow at the same time.  1/20/17  

I needed 2 frames to capture to whole rainbow.  1/20/17  

Raining ... this photo taken through the windshield just before night fall.  1/20/17  

During the last night of the RTR, we gathered around the main campfire.
Although the RTR is primarily a boot camp for new nomads, and an opportunity
 to see old friends again,  we have also adopted an end-of-RTR-celebration 
called "Burning Van"  1/21/17 

The "van" to be burned is actually a wooden cut out.  1/21/17  

RTR attendees are encouraged to sign and make brief comments before it's burned.  1/21/17  

It's burned to a specially-written RTR song for the occasion.  2/21/17  

Every winter I look forward to the RTR.  I've made life-long friends and am always amazed at the generosity and helpfulness of those who attend.