Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A 20-Mile Move

We moved from the BLM land surrounding Quartzsite, AZ to some BLM land surrounding Ehrenberg, AZ, a 20-mile move west.  This place is much more rocky -- the alluvial plain created from millions of years of erosion from the surrounding mountains.  From my limited geological knowledge, I see lots of  white quartz and other dark grey rocks of a volcanic origin.   It's more stark here than our other site, but beautiful in its own way.

Looking north over a wash, a little ways from my new campsite outside
Ehrenberg, AZ.  This is the only saguaro cactus around. (1/23/14)

This is looking south at my campsite from the saguaro cactus.
Yes, there's a lot of rocky ground here!
I have a couple of neighbors, Silvianne (left) and Linda (right). (1/23/14)

I was fortunate to camp next to a small tree that blocks the afternoon sun. (1/23/14)

And I have a ocotillo for a neighbor too.   This one is mostly green because
there has been some recent rain.  Pretty soon it will have showy red flowers at the tips . (1/23/14)

This ocotillo is just starting to green up.  Most of the time they just look like a bunch
of dead thorny sticks.  The uninitiated often think the plants are dead.

Looking east toward my campsite, here are some of the vehicles of the
folks I'm camped with.  We have coffee together each morning
before going our separate ways.  (1/23/14)

This morning's sunrise.  It was cloudy all day yesterday and
throughout the morning today.  (1/25/14)

The last colors of tonight's sunset. 
Most of the clouds have sailed away.  (1/25/14)

I'm gearing up to head south on Monday to camp lakeside with some friends, visit a Mexican boarder town, then get some car maintenance done before I begin heading east again.  I have to say that I'm loving this desert sun.

Go Seahawks!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter RTR 2014

I can feel myself relaxing, now, over a week in the desert sun.  Visiting with old friends, making new.  Always keenly aware how fortunate I am to be around others who also love being on the road, being in nature.  People come and go from the RTR all of the time, sometimes to return a few days later, sometimes not.  I've not yet decided if I will head east after the end of the RTR on Tuesday, or spend more time here in the desert among friends.  Stay tuned to find out :)

Full moon rise over the eastern mountains,
Taken from my campsite 1/15/14.

Campers start the nightly campfire as the full moon rises over
Jerry & Nelda's Class B Road Trek, 1/15/14.

More folks are drawn to the campfire as the full moon rises, 1/15/14

My car with my galley on top of the foot of my bed. 
Every thing serves a double purpose in a small space, 1/17/14.

Soup made from chicken broth, freeze-dried veggies, dehydrated tomatoes
spices, and ramen noodles (flavor packet not used) 1/17/14

Last rays of sun on the eastern mountains, 1/17/14

Sunset, 1/17/14

Warm fire, among friends, 1/17/14

This Saturday evening many of us gathered to share a meal, 1/18/14

The fire ring serves as the gathering spot for workshops and group meals,
even without a fire.  1/18/14.

Tonight's sunset among the vans, 1/18/14

Go Hawks!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

On the Road Again!

On my last extended road trip, almost 2 years ago, I explored the Gulf Coast, TX to FL.  And now, again, my travels are taking me to Florida.  During these past months, I've sure missed traveling, exploring the back roads, and just being in nature.  I'm glad to be "back in the saddle again"!

I left cold, wet, windy Washington State on January 4th and made it to the warm, clear skies of Southern California in 2 days.  A friend was kind enough to host me for a couple of nights so I could rest up, wash the green moss of the Pacific Northwest off my car and visit with friends & family.

My Prius waiting to hit the road, mostly moss free, while visiting with my friend
and host in Southern California. (1/6/14)

My first extended stay is with a group of fellow travelers in the desert of southwest Arizona, but on my way there I got to visit one of my brothers who is wintering near Palm Springs.  He and his wife also travel throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall on their Harley.

Visiting with my brother Ray near Palm Springs (1/9/14).

Right now I'm with a gathering of other travelers, those who either live full or part-time on wheels.  Most are in vans, but we also have RV'ers (A's, C's, B's, 5th wheels, trailers and truck campers).  And that's in addition to those of us who live out of our cars, bikes and/or tents.  We are on a small portion of the expansive BLM land that surrounds Quartzsite, AZ.  Everyone is self-contained as there are no amenities at all here ... carry-in, carry-out.  This is the 4th year for the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) and it just keeps growing.  There's no official count, but I'm sure we are in the hundreds.

Sunset, my first night in the Arizona Desert (1/9/14)

Sunset reflected off the my car roof with the lights of Quartzsite
 in the distance (1/9/14).

Sunrise this morning (1/12/14) with a few of the vans at the RTR.

I also attended the first and second RTR, but was unable to attend last year due to family responsibilities.

After this RTR ends on the 21st, I will continue meandering toward the Florida Keys ... so, stay tuned ... I'm back to blogging again!

Can't forget ... Go Seahawks!