Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A 20-Mile Move

We moved from the BLM land surrounding Quartzsite, AZ to some BLM land surrounding Ehrenberg, AZ, a 20-mile move west.  This place is much more rocky -- the alluvial plain created from millions of years of erosion from the surrounding mountains.  From my limited geological knowledge, I see lots of  white quartz and other dark grey rocks of a volcanic origin.   It's more stark here than our other site, but beautiful in its own way.

Looking north over a wash, a little ways from my new campsite outside
Ehrenberg, AZ.  This is the only saguaro cactus around. (1/23/14)

This is looking south at my campsite from the saguaro cactus.
Yes, there's a lot of rocky ground here!
I have a couple of neighbors, Silvianne (left) and Linda (right). (1/23/14)

I was fortunate to camp next to a small tree that blocks the afternoon sun. (1/23/14)

And I have a ocotillo for a neighbor too.   This one is mostly green because
there has been some recent rain.  Pretty soon it will have showy red flowers at the tips . (1/23/14)

This ocotillo is just starting to green up.  Most of the time they just look like a bunch
of dead thorny sticks.  The uninitiated often think the plants are dead.

Looking east toward my campsite, here are some of the vehicles of the
folks I'm camped with.  We have coffee together each morning
before going our separate ways.  (1/23/14)

This morning's sunrise.  It was cloudy all day yesterday and
throughout the morning today.  (1/25/14)

The last colors of tonight's sunset. 
Most of the clouds have sailed away.  (1/25/14)

I'm gearing up to head south on Monday to camp lakeside with some friends, visit a Mexican boarder town, then get some car maintenance done before I begin heading east again.  I have to say that I'm loving this desert sun.

Go Seahawks!


  1. Chilly here in TX! enjoy those wonderful temperatures!

  2. Hi Suanne ~ I am so happy to have found your blog online. You have lots of great tips and links... I am a mom who is hitting the road with my two children this summer. In a Prius ! Main time will be South Dakota, but we will roam wherever the road takes us. Very excited. I have been very nervous about the safety of this, but it seems that it is not all that uncommon. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures. :)


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