Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter RTR 2014

I can feel myself relaxing, now, over a week in the desert sun.  Visiting with old friends, making new.  Always keenly aware how fortunate I am to be around others who also love being on the road, being in nature.  People come and go from the RTR all of the time, sometimes to return a few days later, sometimes not.  I've not yet decided if I will head east after the end of the RTR on Tuesday, or spend more time here in the desert among friends.  Stay tuned to find out :)

Full moon rise over the eastern mountains,
Taken from my campsite 1/15/14.

Campers start the nightly campfire as the full moon rises over
Jerry & Nelda's Class B Road Trek, 1/15/14.

More folks are drawn to the campfire as the full moon rises, 1/15/14

My car with my galley on top of the foot of my bed. 
Every thing serves a double purpose in a small space, 1/17/14.

Soup made from chicken broth, freeze-dried veggies, dehydrated tomatoes
spices, and ramen noodles (flavor packet not used) 1/17/14

Last rays of sun on the eastern mountains, 1/17/14

Sunset, 1/17/14

Warm fire, among friends, 1/17/14

This Saturday evening many of us gathered to share a meal, 1/18/14

The fire ring serves as the gathering spot for workshops and group meals,
even without a fire.  1/18/14.

Tonight's sunset among the vans, 1/18/14

Go Hawks!


  1. Suanne ,,What is the name of the stove you have pictured in your Prius..Brand and Model number Please..Great Pics..Thanks for sharing..Old Guy

    1. Hey Old Guy,

      It's a butane stove. I've seen lots of different makers out there, and they all look about the same. I got mine about 7 years ago and it's a:

      "Home Power. The Portable Burner. Lever Separating Safety Device. 4 type of pressure perceive, HP-1000."

      Some of my friends' butane stoves light automatically (via a piezo lighter), but this one needs to be lit manually.

      Hope that helps.

  2. I'm already counting the days until next year's RTR!!!

  3. Hi Susanne we met at the RTR 2014 I'm the u-hall lady Linda This is the first chance I have had to go to some of the blogs of people I met at the RTR I also am looking forward to next year. Your blog is great and I will try to keep in touch.

    1. Good to hear from you Linda! And thanks for checking out my blog. I loved your idea of renting a U-Haul ... a great way to see if VanDwelling is a good fit for someone.

  4. Suanne, what do you do for food when the weather is bad? Just grab takeout or eat things like crackers and fruit? I apologize if you've answered this already. I'm still making my way through your blog. ~ Serenity

    1. Hi Serenity. In bad weather, I have several strategies to make my meals. If I'm in town, I'll often stop at a restaurant or fast food joint. If I'm away from town, sometimes I'll heat water in a 12v mug to make a latte, soup or oatmeal, or just eat something that doesn't need to be heated (crackers, cheese, PBJ, etc.). Or, if the "bad" weather is expected to last more than a few days, I'll leave and go to where the weather is "good." Hope that helps.


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