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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Pennsylvania Friend and Friendship,
August 21-23

Pat's home in the Allegheny NF
Pat has a wonderful home in the Allegheny National Forest in northwest Pennsylvania.  She is a fellow traveler who invited me to her home while I was on my national park tour.  I jumped at the chance. 
Pat and her Aussies

While there, we sat and talked for hours about everything -- traveling and staying home, things natural and things spiritual, living and dying, love of the out-of-doors and enjoyment of things domestic, our beloved pets and a love for the wild ones, and on and on.   Her two Australian Sheppards were fun to be around and made me miss our two dogs.

Pat's My Wee RV
I got a tour of her mini van and how she has it set up for travel.  I love the license plate that says "My Wee RV."  She's done some creative installations with her cot and curtains.

Driving onto the grounds of Friendship Hill

After such a good visit with a friend, I went to the Friendship Hill National Historic Site in southwest Pennsylvania.

Gallatin as surveyor
Friendship Hill was the home of Albert Gallatin.  He named the place "Friendship Hill" for his friendships with local businessmen.  Born in Switzerland in 1761, he immigrated to the US in 1780.  Gallatin came to western Pennsylvania as a surveyor.  He was a land speculator and owned several types of manufacturing firms.  He served in both the House and Senate, 13 years as Secretary of Treasury, and as Minister to both France and England.  Gallatin's contributions, however, have been overshadowed by his contemporaries, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Friendship Hill Home

While I was at Friendship Hill it was raining.  Inside the home, I took a self-guided tour.  The home had been added onto many times over the years.  The grounds and the home were both beautiful, even in the rain. 

A bedroom at Friendship Hill
Doe and Fawn at
Friendship Hill
originally posted 9/19/10

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