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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

VanDweller friends & their family (MN),
July 31 - August 3

Taj & the Prius RV
Two people who I've admired from their words and actions online are Mike and Heidi.  Having lived and traveled separately in their respective vans, they met, fell in love and married.  They now travel together in their customized Roadtrek Van, "Taj" ... nicely outfitted for living comfortably. 

Wonderful backyard to
view wildlife.
When I traveled to northern Minnesota, I knew Mike and Heidi were someplace fairly close visiting family.  So, after a few emails, we planned to meet each other face-to-face for the first time.  How fun it is to meet others who have a similar sense of adventure!

Charlene taking her kayak
for a Minnesota paddle.
We stayed at Mike's mother's and were also joined by another VanDweller, Charlene "Swankie Wheels," who is in the midst of meeting her goal to kayak all of the states!  It was a reunion of sorts for Charlene and I, as we originally met face-to-face in Pahrump, NV earlier in our travels.
Charlene ready to take on
the St. Louis River

I loved visiting with everyone and watching the wildlife, including flying squirrels, from their screened-in porch.  I even learned a new card game, "Hand and Foot."  I tried to warn them that I could be down right competitive ... and sure enough, that part of me came out!  It was truly a lot of fun.

I especially enjoyed getting to know Judy, Mike's mom.  Both she and husband Jerry were so gracious.  And, of course, Molly, her loyal puppy dog was a little joy. 
Judy lovin' on Molly
originally posted 9/12/10


  1. Awww! It was lots of fun... even though you caused us great distress by murdering us at cards! You're a quick study!

  2. O.K. stop talking about card games. Games give me the willies... (old family story... not to be told here). But it was a wonderful visit. I enjoyed the river paddle (current was so strong it was more like a "float" and steer. When I reached my landing point, the bank was slick and steep and campers (Judy and Jerry - not Mike's parents) had to pull my kayak out... while I slipped and slid all over the place trying to get out. Then the wonderful campers.... fed me???? People are so nice out there... and Judy (Mike's Mom) is a special angel on earth. She used to drive a truck and taught me a trick to backing up my trailer... and it's working like a charm. Suanne... love your blog. Nice write up on MN. I look forward to following more adventures of yours in the future. Hugs to John.


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