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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cheryl the Birdwatcher, July 5-8

Prius RV in Cheryl's backyard
My stay at Cheryl and Dave's place was very relaxing and wonderful, albeit longer than expected.  Unknown to me, my credit card number was stolen the day before.  Gratefully, Chase caught it very quickly.  I deactivated that card and had a new one overnighted here ... thanks David and Cheryl for letting me stay a bit longer to get that package.

Cheryl has all kinds of bird feeders in her backyard.  She even mashes suet into the bark of a black walnut tree to attract woodpeckers.  They have let much of their acreage go back to nature.  So, for folks like me who love to watch wildlife, it was wonderful.  They also had one pasture with the neighbor's cows.  The calf made good alarm clock in the morning, mooing to be fed :-).

I loved their home with its oak cabinets, stairs and trimmings.  Their antique furniture was beautiful and went so well with the vintage decorating.

At the time I was there, Dave was busy live-trapping and relocating their raccoon neighbors.  As you can tell by the picture, the raccoons were taking advantage of the cat doors and helping themselves to the inside food.  All in all tho', very entertaining!

Cheryl is a fellow traveler and I really liked how she has her van set up for when she's out and about.

originally posted 7/30/10

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