Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Friday, June 25, 2010

Visiting in Colorado, June 23-25

As I concluded my tour of the national parks west of the Mississippi River, I headed southeast and took advantage of Karen and family's hospitality again in the mountains of Colorado.  It so happened that another traveler, Ron, was also there on his way to the northwest ... a serendipitous crossing of paths.

Ron has one of the coolest custom vans that I've seen.  It's a Sportsmobile with a "penthouse" top that raises up, a brush guard w/wench, solar panel, a pivoting hitch for when he's hauling his large trailer ... it just looks macho!  Inside it's decked out with a bed, microwave, frig/freezer, commode, running water, extra batteries ... luxury! 

After a yummy pizza and a pleasant visit, Ron continued on his journey the next morning.  During the day Karen, daughter Katie and I went into town for a fun lunch and shopping.  I especially enjoyed just sitting on their patio, visiting, checking out the scenery, watching the wildlife and playing with the dogs.  What a nice stay!

Thanks to Karen for the hummingbird, cactus, and deer (framed by the arch at the gate) pictures.

originally posted 7/6/10


  1. Hi Suanne,

    I found your blog while researching my own cross-country road trip in a Prius, scheduled for this fall. I confess, however, that I'm taking a trailer! I just bought a Little Guy Rascal -- basically a tent on wheels, which is all I need. Portable lodging. :-)

    I'm enjoying following your travels. I'll be setting up a blog to document my trip as well. I'm a photographer, so if you're interested, you'll be able to see my pictures and updates on the blog starting in late August. There will be a link from my website when it's set up.

    I wish you safe and happy travels!

  2. Janet ... thanks for your comments and I'll be checking out your blog once I return home.

    I had thought about taking our little teardrop trailer on this trip, but decided I could do without. Plus, for my year of Prius, the owners manual says you shouldn't tow anything. Although it probably could, I didn't want to chance being liable because of it if I ever got in an accident.

    The best to you as you prepare for your travels. It's wonderful out here!



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