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Monday, April 19, 2010

Vandwellers in Pahrump, April 15-19

I thoroughly enjoyed my short stay with fellow Vandwellers on Pahrump BLM land ("van" being a loose term in my case) -- a like-minded, interesting, and kind tribe of campers.  I met Charlene, an online friend, face-to-face for the first time.  She's collecting abandoned turtle shells.  Together we visited some local sites including the China Ranch Date Farm on a hidden oasis in the middle of the desert ... their date shakes were especially yummy.   Charlene is very clever, using the sun's heat to cook and heat water in glass or plastic containers painted black.

I also had the pleasure of getting to know several other vandwellers after having visited their websites and reading their posts these past months.  Katie (two knives and dog Mutt) is a dear and a kindred spirit.  I hope to meet up with her again while in Pennsylvania.  I also enjoyed meeting Bob (and dog Homer) whose web site is full of great information which I enjoy and learn from.   Steve (and shy girl Tory dog) provided a central gathering place for the group under his canopy.  Cheri (and 4.7dog Tony) is especially kind and is good to hang with ... she makes the most beautiful wire wrapped stone pendents.  Brian (the younger and dog Stella) is quite handy, making an outdoor shower from PVC pipe while I was there.  And PJ, like me, is in a passenger vehicle which he regularly works on to make more "vandweller worthy."  And we all were camped at Wayne's "Place" ... having spent the last ump-teen winters on this particular piece of land.

I felt comfortable with these vandwellers ... even playing Katie's guitar a bit.  I hope to share camp with them again.

originally posted 4/21/10

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  1. Suanne, it was a wonderful gathering and I enjoyed getting to know you better there. All the folks there were great. Wayne is the host with the most. Others came and went before and after you. I got restless staying in one spot as long as I stayed there... and no convenient kayak location. My stays in one location will be shorter in the future. Thanks for your write up. It's amazing what you can do with a Prius.


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