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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Prius Event

What an eventful day.  On my way home from getting the Prius' maintenance and oil change, I'm in stop and go traffic.  All of the sudden I hear an ominus KLUNK KLUNK KLUNK, metal on metal.  My first thought was, oh no, I ran over something.  I drove a few more feet, KLUNK KLUNK and scraping metal.  Did something drop from underneath my car? 

Carefully, I open the door into the slow moving traffic to see what I could see.  There it was, a large long metal pipe sticking out from behind my car.  How could this happen?  I just got my car serviced.  Did they forget to tighten something up?  What am I to do?

I get back in the car to call AAA, explain that I'm blocking a lane of traffic and could you please send a tow truck as soon as possible.   A knock on the window.   Another flustered woman "Did you drive over the drive line?"  She was the driver of the disabled bus several hundred feet in front of me.

I don't know if I should feel relieved or not.  So, that big chunk of metal is not from my car; that's good.  But, did it cause damage to important stuff underneath it?  Evidently, in the stop and go traffic, I was close enough to the truck in front of me that I didn't see it.  The truck was high enough off of the ground to clear it, my Prius was not.

The bus driver and I exchanged insurance information.  The tow truck driver arrived and pulled out the drive line out from under the car.  He paitently waited while I took a couple of pictures before towing my car to our mechanic.  That's where my Prius is now, ready to be jacked up and inspected for damage.

Poor Prius.

3/10 Update:  All is well.  Just a few scratches on the frame railing.  Yeah!

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