Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous for 2012

Gathering around the campfire at sunset, 2011 RTR.
Next January 10th - 24th will be the second Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) in Quartzsite, AZ.  It's a chance for those of us who love being on the road to get together with other like-minded travellers.  It's also an opportunity for folks to check out the mobile lifestyle.  For more information on this get together, go to:

Bob Wells, the person who organizes the RTR, makes everyone feel very welcome.  There will be workshops on things like -- solar power, staying on BLM land, work-kamping, medical/dental in Mexico, women travellers, etc.  Also, Quartzsite's huge RV show is at the same time as the RTR -- offering anything and everything that a traveller could want.  Quartzsite is a major snowbird hangout in the winter.  At the RTR, we dry camp; that is, everyone brings their own water, food, bathroom, firewood, etc. ... yet, attendees shared freely last year ... and town is only 4 miles away.

I went to the first RTR this past January and really enjoyed myself.  I talk a bit about my experience in a January blog post.

Rubber Tramp: "A person who travels and lives out of their vehicle (normally an RV, van, bus, etc.). They stop and stay wherever they choose for however long they want, but eventually, so as long as there’s a way to put gas in their tank, move on." (Urban Dictionary)

If you are a rubber tramp (full- or part-time), or are thinking about becoming one, consider yourself invited.


  1. Ok, Suanne, I have to ask. No water, no toilets. And you in your Prius. Doesn't your Luggable Loo get a bit rank? I'm planning to follow your lead (but in an SUV) so I have a need to know! Thanks.

  2. Hi Scottie,

    An SUV should make a very livable vehicle. When at the RTR last year, I set up a tent to use for dressing, bathing and bathroom. When I'm traveling, I use public bathrooms. But, since I knew I'd be at the rondy for a couple of weeks, I decided a tent would give me a nice convenience. Unfortunately, toward the end of my stay, the wind took it down. I'm not yet sure if I'll bring a tent to the next one, or not.

    To deal with odors in the bucket, I used Double Doodie bags. These are very thick and doubled-up plastic bags with deodorant in them made especially for human waste. You can get them at Walmart. They are fairly expensive (like $12 for 8 of them). Even with the deoderant and being double bagged, they still smell a bit. So, I put them outside of the car until I went to town to throw them in the trash ... like someone would throw out a dirty diaper. The town of Quartzsite is only 4 miles away.

    Because of the cost of the Double Doodie bags, I'm going to try to make some of my own out of kitty litter (for deodorant) and doubled-up garbage bags. The bags are for poo only. For pee, I just use a laundry detergent bottle which fully seals out any smells once the lid is screwed back on.

    Hope this gives you some ideas on how to live out of your SUV. Suanne

  3. Hi Suanne,
    I just told the group over at about you. Someone had posted a story about a Prius camper, so I said your setup was much more interesting!
    Phil (reeves99 over at
    ps I really like how you've set things up. We have been using a small one quart jug as our "piss bottle" but now were' going to find a nice big laundry detergent bottle!


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