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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Indulging in Some Reminiscing

While in Southern California for my uncle's funeral, I wanted to visit with each of my 4 brothers.  This left me with a bit of extra time to check out some personally significate places within the City of Orange..

I am fortunate that a fellow traveller opened her Orange County home and beautifully treed driveway to me and my "Prius RV."  Her home is in a perfect location to accomodate my wanderings within the City of Orange. Thank you VJ for your generosity and hospitality!  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you.

Here are some pictures I took while traveling "Memory Lane."

A Giant at Orange Hart Park: an old Moreton Bay Fig tree
planted around 1875 by horticulturist Henri Gardner.
As a kid, I would climb this fig tree ... now, it's way too big and I'm way too creeky to climb ...

The roots at the base of this tree always looked so cool ... even more so now ...
I learned how to swim at Hart Park, taking lessons at the
"Orange Plunge" ... it looks the same now as it did then ...
The inside view of the pool area.
My first classroom, Kindergarten at Sycamore Elementary
Portola Middle School (was Junior High) ... music/chior room on right
Orange High School ... took math classes in this building
The first house we lived in after getting married.  We were fixing it up.
Under the old wallpaper was old newspapers (for insulation),
and under the newspaper was the exterior board and batten ... amazing. 
After I got prenant, we decided home renovation wasn't for us :-). 
Our second house after getting married and where we raised our daughter
Elise for a year and a half before moving to Washington State.
It's fun to remember.  Thanks for letting me indulge myself by sharing these pictures.


  1. It IS fun to go back and revisit where we grew up, you are lucky the buildings from your past are still all there. That tree is amazing, I love trees with huge trunks and complicated root systems. I'll bet those root tips are growing miles away by now. :)

  2. That tree is amazing. My *roots* go back to Orange too, so you made me a little homesick ;} Thanks for sharing!


  3. Holy cow Suanne! What a small world it is after all. I lived in Orange for over 6 years (on lemon near the bungalows on culver). I love and miss it dearly.

    Me and My Dog: many of the buildings in Orange remain intact because it's one of the places that was first settled in OC, CA. It's a gorgeous place where many of the buildings/houses are (on average) 100 years old.


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