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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Scenic Route (VA/MD/DE), September 19-20

My next and last National Park east of the Mississippi was to be Congaree in South Carolina.  I saved this to last because I knew it to be very hot and humid, and I figured the later I waited, the cooler it would be.  I plotted my course from my current location in Virginia to Congaree.  I decided to take the scenic route south along the coast.  I searched the National Park Service web site for places to camp on the way.
Potomac River off of the
George Washington Memorial Pkwy
Fort Washington in the distance

My first stop was at Prince Williams Forest Park, a beautiful piedmont forest set aside for hiking and camping.  I took a scenic drive and had lunch.  But, it was still too early in the day for camping; so, I moved on.  I then continued my trek through Maryland, into Washington DC.  I'd considered exploring DC for the day, but decided to wait for another time.  But, I did take the scenic George Washington Memorial Parkway next to the Potomac River.

While doing my research, I was surprised to find a NPS site for camping just 13 miles from the White House, inside the beltway.  Greenbelt Park provided a beautiful oasis of green for camping.   When I come back to explore DC, this will make a great home base.

After a good nights sleep, I began my way onto the Delmarva Peninsula.  So named for the states on that peninsula -- Delaware, Maryland, and VA (Virginia).  Assateague Island, here I come!

originally posted 10/23/10

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