Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Many Moods of Moab,
May 2015

One of the benefits of being a snowbird is getting to experience a place in nature throughout a variety of conditions.  Here are some photos that show some of the moods of Moab during our stay throughout most of May 2015.

Spectacular sunsets were not a regular event in Moab like other places
I've camped at in the desert southwest.  So beautiful.  5/2/15 

Even with cloudy skies and an inferior camera, the full moon rising over
the Manti-La Sal Mountains is an awesome sight.  5/3/15 
According to the locals, the weather this Spring has been much more
stormy than usual.  I was fortunate to capture this rainbow.  5/6/15 

Courthouse Wash, about a half mile walk, with a storm brewing over
the Manti-La Sal Mountains in the distance.   5/15/15  

Amazing rock formations, cloudy skies, vultures circling ...
an instance of nature of Moab, Willow Springs.  5/15/15 

An abandoned windmill that once pumped water for
cattle from Willow Springs.  5/15/15 

Walking back to camp from Willow Spring at Courthouse Wash.  5/15/15 

Our camp on the lower left, under the distant cliffs
which tower over Hwy 191.   5/15/15

We weren't alone.  Sometimes other folks showed up in the most
unexpected ways.  Here, a hot air balloon launched just south of us.  5/24/15  

Then floated directly overhead.  5/24/15 

Memorial weekend, many other campers converged on the area.
But, by Monday evening almost everyone had left.
It was too many people, motorized toys, and generators for a while.  5/25/15

Meet one of our hosts.  Raven surveys his home from the vantage
of grandpa juniper tree.  I thank him for his hospitality.  5/25/15 

My last night:  Alpenglow on the Manti-La Sal Mountains in the east.   5/25/15

And the warm colors of sunset in the west.  5/25/15 

Returning to camp from one last walk to the wash this morning.
Almost fully empty of campers, except us.  5/26/15 

What a treat to have spent May in Moab.  Even with the stormy weather, I'd do it all over again ... except for the Memorial weekend crowds.  :)

Also, check out Bob's informative post and beautiful photos on our Moab, Utah Campsite.  


  1. Thanks, Suanne. It's been a few years since I've seen Utah. It's just as breathtaking as ever.

    1. You're welcome Cyndi. If I could be two places at once, I think I'd still be there. I would like to experience it in other seasons as well one day.

  2. Just ran across the video of your interview with Cheaprvliving on Youtube. Glad I found it as you are indeed an inspiration. I live in a 26ft Fleetwood Class C, but I'm pretty stationary right now because of the job.. I found myself coveting your rig and life. And your are just so darned cute too!

    Keep on "truckin'";-)

    1. Thank you! You are just too sweet :)

  3. Wow, thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with us. I think holiday weekends in any nice place, tend to be overcrowded. However, that can let those of us who live unconventionally pause to be thankful that we live the way we do.

    1. Thanks Jim. I appreciate your glass-half-full perspective.

  4. Love your photos and it makes us realize we need to return to that area and spend more time...our visit to Moab was a short 3 days.
    Mary and Gary

    1. Thanks! Moab is definitely an area where I could spend lots of time. I hope you guys get the opportunity to return. Love you!


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