Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Part 2: Packing the Prius for Travel

First, I want to apologize and explain why it's taken so long to put up this 2nd post about packing.  A camp mate got sick and so my plans to travel within the next day or so were delayed.  Finally, I was ready to move on; so, packed up and took the photos.  But, my new camp site had an extremely poor Internet connection that wouldn't allow me to upload the photos. Finally, today I'm in Cottonwood with a good connection and have posted everything.  Such are the unanticipated circumstances of staying in the back country.  

As with Part 1, these photos begin at the driver's seat and go around to the hatch, ending at the front passenger seat.  

Driver's seat, pushed back and ready to go.  4/16/15

Back passenger's seat on driver's side.  2 duffle bags of clothes,  2 bags of food,  
toiletry bag and chair.  Top gets covered with dark blue towel for travel.  4/16/15

The next 3 photos are of the hatch area.
1 of 3 under the hatch, all packed up and ready to go.  4/16/15  

2 of 3 under the hatch.  Water bladders (MSR 10 liter Dromedary Bags)
are kept under a white sheet to keep sun's rays off and stay cool.  4/16/15  

3 of 3 under the hatch.  Kitchen items and food storage all ratcheted and
tied down for safety.   Covered with a black blanket for travel.  4/16/15  

Back seat on passenger side.  My bed covered with a black sheet
heavy coat on far side, and curtain in the foreground.  4/16/15  

Front passenger seat:  Except for the 2 black bags toward the top back,
every other item is extra this year.  I wanted to make my camp more
homey and livable as I snowbird and stay for weeks at a time in one
place  (kitchen table, deck umbrella with base, side table, tent, rug).
As under the hatch, everything is tied down for safety.  4/16/15 

In the past, one self-imposed "rule" I've maintained is to store nothing above window level to make it less obvious that I was camping out of my car (except for the hatch area).  As you can see, I was not able to accomplish that goal this year in the front passenger seat of my car.  However, these items do not obstruct my view any more than a passenger.  I just use my side mirrors to assure safe turns and lane changes.  For more stealth, I can cover with black curtains if desired.


  1. Great job documenting packing. Also, if you have trouble re creating the puzzle, you can use the pictures as a cheat sheet!

    1. Good point! Though, I must admit, I don't pack it exactly the same way every time.

  2. Suanne, I have heard about you, but only finding your blog today as I ran across a YouTube interview of you. I travel the PNW in a small Scion set up much the same as you. I have a roof top cargo box which is a huge help in storing my gear. Plus the cargo boxes are common in PNW and do not draw attention. I have yet to have a toileting set up in my car, but would like the option. You have given me some good ideas. So far I just stay in campgrounds with facilities. I have found you on Face Book and made a friend request, it's hard to tell but doesn't appear you do too much on Face Book?
    Is there a less public way to communicate with you? Would love to compare notes and exchange ideas. -JSs

    1. Hey! Thanks for checking out that video, as well as finding my blog and fb page. You are correct that I don't do much on fb, but messaging me through fb is a good way to communicate. I'll go ahead and accept your friend request. It'll be interesting to compare notes.


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