Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Friday, February 21, 2014


When I visited with John & Teresa in Tucson, they said that Patagonia Lake State Park was a winner.  And they were right!  It's like an oasis in the desert, thanks to a dam on Sonoita Creek.  This park and the adjacent Sonoita Creek State Natural Area, are a birders paradise!   It's located about 10 miles north of the US-Mexico border at Nogales. 
View at my campsite on Patagonia Lake where I was woken and then entertained by the
many birds who call this lake their home, permanently or via a migration path.  2/13/14 
The marina at Patagonia Lake with rentals, picnic area, and a
cool looking arched walking bridge.  2/13/14 
My first morning at Patagonia Lake I went on a ranger-led birding walk.
My little smart phone camera is unable to get a good picture of any of the
birds we saw.  But, here is my best effort of a Cooper's Hawk through a
spotting scope.  2/10/14 
This is an Elegant Trogon, as pictured at the Visitor's Center.
I've been told it's rarely sited in the US and a good find for
a birder's lifetime list.  Unfortunately I didn't see one,
but others on the birding walk did ...
so, I do believe that it's more than a myth :)  2/13/14 
But, I did see cattle on the birding walk.  Arizona is an Open Range State; so,
some of the cattle were there on a land lease, and others were interlopers.
This one is an interloper.  2/10/14 
My Vancouver WA traveling friends, Nelda & Jerry, joined me for
my last night at Patagonia State Park.  So good to visit with them.
And even they saw an Elegant Trogon!  2/13/14 
from Sierra Vista to the town of Patagonia, AZ for lunch. 2/13/14 
I liked seeing all of the old cars. 
One even lost a wheel in the middle of SR-82!
For more pictures from the participants, click on this link.  2/13/14 
 I very much enjoyed my stay at Patagonia State Park.  Thanks for the lead John and Teresa!


  1. I was just writing about you guys! :) I can't believe it's been a month already.

    I got a kick out of when Bob thought you were going to the *other* Patagonia. :)

    1. Good to hear from you Linda! Time goes by fast in the warm desert sun :)


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