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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gulf Coast Bites

For the past several months I've been keeping close to Washington State as hubby John's family has been dealing with some serious health challenges.

But, that doesn't keep me from both remembering and savoring my past experiences, as well as planning some new travels. So, this post is dedicated to the foods I tried and enjoyed last winter as I was exploring the Gulf Coast, February-March 2012.

I ordered Cap'n Roy's grilled shrimp just after sunset, South Padre Island, TX
 I did take-out and enjoyed it at the marina at the south end of the island.
Probably the best shrimp I've ever had!

Andoulle (Cajun/French sausage) in Louisiana ...
purchased in town and enjoyed at a state park near Abbeville.
Very tasty.

Boiled crawfish ... near New Orleans, LA

To eat crawfish: break off the tail, peal off the shell, eat the tail
 ... tastes a bit like shrimp ...
for a spicy taste, also twist of the head and suck out the juices.

Watching beignets (French donuts) being made at Cafe Du Monde in the
French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana.
These are deep fried and served with powdered sugar in sets of 3.
I sat in the open-air dining area and enjoyed ...
along with a cup of their famous coffee.

Crawfish is a big deal in Mississippi too
I recommend Clawzilla's in Bay St. Louis

Lambert's Cafe in Foley, Alabama serves traditional southern cooking.
Side dishes are offered from large bowls by the waiters as they visit table to table
... and they throw their rolls to you!
Miccosukee Restaurant, a Native American owned and operated business
within the Everglades NP in Florida, offers local and traditional fare
... just down the road from where I took the picture of this snoozing gator ...
I ordered a variety plate of alligator tail bites, frog legs, hush puppies and fry bread.
Mario's offers traditional Cuban food in Homestead
(on the Atlantic side of south Florida vs. the Gulf side)

Mario's Vaca Frita (shredded beef with onion)
Mario's Maduro (sweet fried plantain) & Yuca
Great trip, good food.
Note: I used, both via my laptop and a smart phone app, to find local restaurants with good ratings and cheap local/traditional foods.


  1. A timely post, Suuanne!I'll be headed to the gulf coast in a couple of weeks and will definately use your experience as a guide!

    Still missing you in Quartzsite!


    1. Sure miss being there in Q Cyndi. So cool that you'll be going down the Gulf Coast. I'll go through my pics again and see if I can dig up some of the places and experiences I enjoyed most for another post.

  2. I know that a significant others health problems can seem a burden at times. But, when its over you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did the right thing.


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