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Monday, November 14, 2011

Pinnacles National Monument,
Nov 13-14

I explored the Pinnacles National Monument from November 13th through the 14th, staying at the campground at the park's east entrance. I arrived early enough to mosey around the east side of the park.  Near the campground is a condor viewing area, complete with telescope. I saw a pair soaring high above the canyon's sheer walls … very impressive. At dusk I returned to my campsite, parked the car and set up for the night. Then a neighbor's dog scared a flock of partridges into the large oaks above my car … they reminded me of our chickens as they argued amongst themselves for the best roosting spots. As you might expect, my car emerged the next morning “decorated” from above.
 My Pinnacles campsite ... scraggly tree over creek at dusk
Coyote on the hunt at dusk ... as seen from a Pinnacles Campground road
I got up before sun rise the next morning to hike and watch the sun slowly highlight The Pinnacles from the Condor Gulch Trail … amazing views. 
View of The Pinnacles from the Condor Gulch Trail

The Pinnacles at sunrise
I loved the many color and textures of rocks with moss and lichen on the Condor Gulch Trail.

originally posted 1/27/2012

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