Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Debriefing ... More Posts to Come

 This is the first blog I've ever done.  I've liked it as a central place to share my traveling adventures and a bit of my emotional healing.  It's nice to have it as a future reference of what did and didn't work for me.
Grand Tetons.  One of my favorite pics.

I now want to do a bit of debriefing before I loose my memory of the details.  But, would like to know if there are any particular topics of interest that you, the reader, would like me to address first.  If so, leave a comment or email me and I'll make it a priority post.  Here are some of the topics I'm considering:
  • - Ventilation in the Prius (how I used the car's AC while sleeping, screen installation on back passenger windows, awnings on side windows ...)
  • - Food (eating on the road without a cooler, food preparation before leaving, costs, eating out, 12v appliances, stoves ...)
  • - Overnighting (preferred sites, where it felt safe, favorite places, pros and cons of sleeping in my car ...)
  • - Security (which self-defense devices used, actual set up in car ...)
  • - Clothing (what did I bring and use, what did I bring and not use, what do I wish I had brought, washing clothes where and how often, how did I pack, how much room did my clothing take up in my car ...)
  • - Bathing and Bathroom (how did I wash up and how often, how did I use the bathroom in the middle of the night, how did I maintain my privacy ...)
  • - Walmart (why did this department store chain play an important role on my trip, pros and cons ...)
  • - The not so fun times (boo boos, what I would change -- places, supplies, routes ...)
  • - Favorite times (where I want to return, nice surprises, most useful stuff I brought with me ...)
  • - Emotional Healing (daughter's death, self as counselor, pet's death, physical journey mirroring emotional journey, self-definition, where ever I go there I am ...)
  • - My Future on the Road (more places to visit and roads to travel, replacement vehicle specs ...)
  • - Any other ideas that you submit ...

Another favorite picture. 
Rio Grand, Big Bend NP

Unfortunately, my husband is facing some medical challenges.  So, if I'm unable to travel more this year, I will stifle my wanderlust for another time. 

FYI:  I've reorganized the archive of my blog posts according to the date of my visits, instead of by the date in which each blog was posted.


  1. Hello.

    I found your blog yesterday, and I am "back reading" your adventure.

    I have started at the beginning and will read from both ends. Catching up from the beginning and reading your new posts as well.

    I am interested in all of the topics you have listed.

    I do hope your husband does OK.

    I can't imagine the pain of loosing your daughter. I'm sure you shed a few tears as you worked thru some of the pain.

  2. I'd be interested in anything you share about your experience.

    Best of luck to you and your husband.

  3. What you have listed are good topics to start...

    I am very sorry about the lost of your daughter, and I wish the best for you and your husband!

  4. I'm interested in everything! Especially how and where you camped, did you use a stove/table/lanterns like tent camping. I would have a dog with me, how do you think that would work? You are inspiring me for sure!
    I too am sorry about your husband's health issue and your loss of your daughter. You've had some real trials, but seem to be doing well in spite of them. Take care.

  5. hello Suanne i hope you remember me from camping in th Adirondack
    good to know your are home and your writing and looking forward to read more of th topics you have plan
    Dave[for now in sunny Fl]

  6. I have read your blog from the beginning. I heard about it when I asked a question on the prius chat web site and you responded to me. I am patiently waiting for your follow up on all the issues you have listed. I am a Prius owner thinking of doing the same thing you did if my wife will let me:).


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