Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Packing -- Edited May 2015


Maybe it goes without saying, but I pack the Prius for the occasion.  So, for example, when I w
ent to Quartzsite in for a couple of week in January, I didn't pack mosquito repellent because I was in the dry desert.  But, I did pack a 10x10' tent awning for shade, ease of dressing, personal care and cooking.  I didn't pack the tent, however, when I was on my 2010 6-month cross country trip because I wasn't planning to stay for than a couple of nights in any one place.

So, the packed items listed below are for a specific 10-day trip to explore a National Park in early spring.

Glove boxes:  spare glasses (sun and reading), monocular, binocular, sewing kit, safety pins, emergency seat belt cutter w/window breaker, small note pad, weather radio, owners manuals

Dashboard:  SPOT GPS device teathered to small stuffed dog

Pocket hanging from dashboard:  pens, pencils, cell phone, momentos

Slot below radio: lip balm, nail file, pill box,

Jockey box:  inverter, computer power cord, toothbrush charger

Floor of front passenger seat:  1 gallon of water, kitty litter, tire chains, duffle bag with extra food

Front Passenger Seat:  Pantry box (see page on nourishment), small blanket, water bottles (including one with a filter), hatchet, duffle bag with toiletries, duffle bag with cleaning items.

Front Passenger Seat Back (laid flat):  sleeping bag, bear spray, heavy flashlight, pocket knife, two plastic drawers (bottom w/food; top with electronic stuff, battieries, pens, pencils, compass, whistle)


In contrast, here are 3 blog posts specific to how the Prius is packed when I plan to stay places for weeks at a time (vs. doing a lot of travel).

How the Prius is packed when stationary:

How the Prius is packed when fully loaded and driving

How the Prius is packed when fully loaded and sleeping/lounging: