Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Bit More Travel in 2015

In addition to my Winter/Spring travels in 2015, I got to spend another 6 weeks on the road in the Fall in/near Southern California.  At the end of October I arrived just in time for my nephew's wedding, one of the most joyous ceremonies I've ever attended.

Gillian and David after introduced as husband and wife, 10/24/15.
(photo from David's Facebook page)

I also enjoyed time with traveling friends and family.  I love being with folks who get my love for travel, nature, and living simply.  In November, I camped with folks on some BLM desert near Quartzsite, AZ.

On a supply run to Parker, new friend Debra and I hammed
it up with Elvis at Bobby D's Diner. (11/12/15)
You can read about Debra's amazing journey, thriving with
a traumatic brain injury here (TBIVanGirl).  

I also got to camp with two of my bothers and their wives at Joshua Tree NP for a couple of nights. I must have been having too much fun to take photos of us all.  But, loved sharing that time together all the same.  

My trusty Prius turned 210,000 miles while at
Joshua Tree National Park.
What a good, dependable vehicle it's been!  (11/18/2015)  

Every year the cousins, on our mothers' side, gather together the Saturday before Thanksgiving in Southern California.  Every year I look forward to this reunion of love and laughter, a generations-old tradition.

A beautiful day in Southern California to have our
Thanksgiving meal outside, hosted by Cousin Donna
and husband Bob.  (11/21/15 photo shared by
Cousin Melissa on Facebook)
I enjoyed the actual Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas and New Years Days with family in Washington State.  Shortly after, I hit the road again, heading back south.  I hope to be posting more pictures and blog posts soon on my current adventures.

Safe travels everyone!