Sunset in the Coconino National Forest, looking northeast toward Sedona, AZ, 4/17/15

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, Jan 10-24

The second annual Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) was a fun gathering of folks who travel and live in their vehicles.  Most have vans, a few have RV's, and even fewer use their cars (as I do).  While there, we visit, have workshops, some group meals, and campfires.  I went to the first RTR last year and have been looking forward to this years ... I was not dissappointed.  The group doubled in size too.  (More blog posts by others at the RTR at the end of this article.)
Enjoying a group breakfast of sausage, eggs (cooked in coconut oil) and
pancakes (w/real maple syrup).  Other group meals included spaghetti
w/sausage & meatballs (thx Cyndi), beef stew, soup (where each person contributed a can),
Indian fry bread (thx Cyndi) w/chili (where each person contributed a can), and
Chinese Chicken (bacon-wrapped pheasant) at Kirk's Tiki Bar.

Lots of time to visit and share stories and expertise around the campfire. 
We had a nice diversity of ages and experience.

Sunrise.  The sunsets and sunrises in the desert are spectacular.
Another amazing sunrise!

Campfire after the sun has set.  Except when it was too windy, we had a
campfire each night and several mornings.

We had lots of workshops, including one on jewelry wire wrapping.
Above are some examples from the participants of the class.
Other classes included -- solar power, medical care in Mexico, budgeting,
work kamping, building a swamp cooler, tin can stoves, LED lighting,
cooking (including solar), women on wheels, boondocking, and more.
Some examples of the plant life near the RTR gathering.  Since it's winter, the
snakes were all safely hibernating.  I saw one lizard and others reported seeing jack rabbits.

Sunset over domerock ... my last night at the 2012 RTR gathering spot.

Several people had help from other attendees with installing a bed in their vans, turning the passenger seat around to face their living area, and solar installation. Sam went well above and beyond in offering his help and expertise.

While there I got a paracord bracelet from Angelica, an LED dome light from Blars, and wire wrapping supplies and instruction from Cheri (which resulted in several pendents).  There was a "free area" too where folks brought things to give away ... I scored some gloves and a hat!

All in all, everyone was very generous.

We were blessed to have "Ghost Dancer" with us.  He is the founder of the VanDwellers Yahoo Group which is almost 8,000 members strong now.

Bob Wells again did a wonderful job of picking a spot, planning the calendar and hosting the RTR event.  Thank you!  Bob has a couple of informative websites at: and  Also, he has a forum at  You can go to the forum and check out what folks are saying about this year's RTR.

Just as I have a blog, many of the 80+ people who attended the 2012 RTR also have a blog.  As I find their posts about the event, I'll share below --

Randy (Mobile Codger):

If I've missed including your 2012 RTR blog post, please comment below or drop me and email with the link and I'll include it.

Until next year ... Happy Travels!

originally posted 1/27/12